Eat Well and Support Mindful Care!

YOU can support Mindful Care and enjoy great food! Here are our current restaurant promotions.

Tuesday, December 4th: Jefferson’s Restaurant, 1916 East Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN / Open Mon-Wed 10:30am – 10pm, Thurs-Sat 10:30 am – 11pm, Sunday 10:30 am – 9pm.  Jefferson’s will donate 20% of sales from the entire day!

Friday, December 7th: Slick Pig BBQ , 1920 E Main St, Murfreesboro, TN / Open Tues-Sat 11am –  8pm.

Slick Pig will donate 15% of each sale when they mention Mindful Care.


Wednesday, December 12thBlue Coast Burrito, 1122 Memorial Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN / Open Mon-Sat 11am – 9pm, Sunday 11am-6pm.  Blue Coast Burrito will donate 15% of each sale when they mention Mindful Care.

Friday, December 14th: Bread and Butter Sandwich Shop, 2309 Mercury Blvd. Suite C Murfreesboro / Open Mon-Sun 10am – 8pm. Bread & Butter Sandwich Shop will donate 15% of sales from the entire day!

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Happy Veterans Day to all!

Read about our favorite WWII veteran: Doc. 

“It was to the point that I was going to scream if I didn’t find some place for Doc.”

His family wasn’t sure what to do. They couldn’t find the right place for him… until they found Mindful Care! Now he can stay with his family but get out during the day to a place where he can keep active and social, and they can get some relief from the stress of taking care of him. It’s a wonderful solution for all!

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Thank you to Swanson Companies!

Mindful Care Adult Day Services is grateful to the good people at Swanson Companies for their recent gift of $3,000 to support our mission of providing quality care for individuals with early onset Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Preserving the highest possible quality of life for our elderly citizens also enables Mindful Care to give their caregivers life-saving rest. The support of enterprises like Swanson Companies helps to make this humanitarian work possible. Thank you!

SHOP & Give Back to Mindful Care!

Shop for the holidays at Kroger Stores and Amazon.com and a % of your purchases will help support Mindful Care! It’s easy!

Kroger: follow the link and sign up (use your Kroger Card # or get one) Then select : Mindful Care Adult Day Services NH132 as your charity organization: https://www.kroger.com/account/enrollCommunityRewardsNow/

Amazon: Go to Smile.Amazon.com (it’s the same as Amazon – same products, prices, etc.) You’ll see a list of possible charities to select – Type in Elders First Adult Day Services and select it. Now we’ll receive a % of your purchases!

Thank you and shop often!

Local Restaurants Give Back to Mindful Care!

Thank you to The Slick Pig  and Taco Garage for donating 15% of sales to Mindful Care for those who presented donation coupons on Sept 14 and Sept. 18. We appreciate everyone’s support and efforts!

2018 Walk To End Alzheimer’s

Join the Mindful Care Team and walk to end Alzheimer’s on Saturday, November 10th in Murfreesboro!

Click Here for more information and to join the Mindful Care Team or support one of our walkers. You don’t actually have to walk if you can’t  or will be out of town. You can still support us!

Together, we can advance research to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s, and provide programs and support to improve the lives of millions of affected Americans.

Mindful Care on WGNS Radio

Thank you to Mindful Care Board President Tom Tozer and Board Member Cindy Jones for being on the Ed Raymer Show on WGNS Radio on Sunday, Aug. 12!

Click Here to listen to the podcast (Tom and Cindy join is about half way through the program)

Dear Friends,

We welcome your help in finding potential board members for Mindful Care Adult Day Services of Rutherford County. We have four vacancies, and we particularly need two writers (news and grants), someone with financial know-how, and a fundraising magician. But if they have energy and passion for helping people, we’ll work with raw material!

Family caregivers call Mindful Care Adult Day Services a “lifesaver.” Our mission is to provide a loving environment of fun, laughter, comfort and safety for persons age 55-plus who have mild Alzheimer’s and other compromised memory issues—while also giving exhausted family caregivers a much-needed break.
The demand for adult day services will mushroom in the coming years. Today there are more than 3,000 afflicted people in Rutherford County—110,000 in Tennessee—5.7 million nationwide. We need committed board members who will promote our mission to the community and take us to the next level.

If you know of someone who might be interested in exploring Mindful Care board membership, please have him or her email Tom Tozer, board chair, at ttozer@comcast.net or call 615-653-6209.
Thank you.

Thank you all for a wonderful Spring Benefit!

Honoring Geriatric & Alzheimer’s Pioneer, Dr. Ravi Singh

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Mindful Care Adult Day Services earns state licensure, validates high quality

Mindful Care Adult Day Services of Rutherford County recently earned licensure by the State of Tennessee, which not only validates the program’s high quality but provides the organization with a platform on the state’s official website, providing much greater visibility for families searching for such services.

The nonprofit association was incorporated in July of 2005 as Elders First Adult Day Services, and later was renamed Mindful Care Adult Day Services. The program started at New Vision Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, first for three days a week but soon expanded to Monday through Friday. Mindful Care welcomes participants, age 55 and up who have mild Alzheimer’s and other forms of compromised memory issues.

The mission of Mindful Care is to provide a safe, joyful and loving environment for participants while giving their family caregivers a much-needed break during the day to rest or even continue employment. Daily activities include physical and cognitive exercises, arts and crafts, visiting entertainment, even field trips.
Up to the summer of this year, state law allowed services such as Mindful Care to operate with a maximum of nine people. A new law emerged without much advanced noticed requiring state licensure for adult day programs that included more than four people.

“We were already operating with nine people, and we knew we would not make ends meet financially with the reduced number of participants in the program,” noted Tina O’Brien, founder and executive director. Modest program fees account for nearly half of the organization’s budget.

“The licensure process was quite lengthy,” O’Brien said. “The process started in June of this year until mid-November when we received our 90-day certificate, which will be renewed after a probationary period.”

The staff of four people had to provide proof of education, and the two senior staff members had to submit their college diplomas and courses of study, O’Brien said. In addition, they were fingerprinted and underwent a background check as well as a TB test. The Public Health Department and the State Fire Marshal inspected and approved the facility.

“There is a quantity of record-keeping to identify each person’s characteristics, likes and dislikes, physical problems and medical diagnoses–every person has a plan of care that is reviewed every three months,” O’Brien said. “They looked through all our paperwork and inspected our equipment.”

While a lot of work, O’Brien said they were overjoyed to receive the state credential. “We are truly gratified to be licensed, and we can continue to provide the best possible care to our people,” she said. “And caregivers will now be able to utilize their long-term care insurance for adult day services, something they could not do prior to this state certification.”

To learn more about Mindful Care Adult Day Services or to volunteer, visit mindful-care.org for program fees, testimonials, a new video and contact information.

Mindful Care Fundraiser: It’s time to grow

Time to Grow
by Board Chairman Tom Tozer

My appeal to you is to help Mindful Care Adult Day Services garner a substantial amount of seed money to launch a capital campaign that, when matched by other entities, will ultimately allow us to build our own facility in Murfreesboro, Tenn., and quadruple our capacity. We currently operate in limited space donated by a wonderful church; however, the need for such services as ours will explode in the coming years, and we want to meet that demand head-on. In fact, the need for many more adult day services nationwide will be essential. We want to be a model program.”

Our expansion efforts will include raising our profile, purchasing property, determining the size and composition of our facility, conducting a feasibility study, drawing up the plans, hosting local fundraisers, and launching a capital campaign, starting with the “silent” phase followed by the formal public unveiling. It will be a long process and eventually a dream realized.

Mindful Care operates Monday through Friday, 8 to 5. We offer activities that stimulate the mind and body, encourage socialization, welcome visiting groups, and even go on field trips. Mindful Care is far more affordable than a nursing home, assisted living or in-home professional care. Mindful Care is a second family. It provides the participant with the companionship of a “social club” along with the comfort of returning home at the end of the day—the best of both worlds! Please watch our video below. We’re dreaming big! We are grateful for your gifts! Thank you.

To donate now to Mindful Care, (a)501(c)(3) non profit, please CLICK HERE.  

For more information, please visit mindful-care.org or call 615-542-4371.

Mindful Care is a daytime adult care program designed for persons with compromised memory and health aged 55 and older seeking fellowship, exercise, local outings, stimulating games, cooking projects, and engaging conversations while in a safe, loving and caring environment.

“We love to ‘spoil’ the wonderful folks who attend our program!  We enjoy putting a smile on each face and a memory in each heart!”

Mindful Care Adult Day Program provides:

  • Quality care in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Caring, professional staff who make person service a top priority.
  • Dignified assistance and support for persons with Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and other problems of aging.
  • Carefully planned activities to create friendships and promote self worth.
  • A daily exercise program to enhance physical wellness.
  • Increased personal daily safety with supervision in a protective environment.
  • A chance for the caregiver to rest and relax to help preserve their own well being.

Many thanks to all who have played important roles in our success! Board members, staff members, New Vision Baptist Church staff, business donors, individual donors, and grantors have all been essential, but most important are the caregivers and loved ones we have had the good fortune to serve.

Said one caregiver, “Thanks to the careful attention and interaction of the personnel at Mindful Care, my mom now displays self-esteem, self-worth and is generally a happy person despite her ongoing health issues and progressing Alzheimer’s disease.” (Linda C.)

Caring for your loved one includes caring for yourself, so you can be at your best!

Mindful Care serves caregivers by providing a “Best Friends” approach to adult day care.  Aging individuals need opportunities to keep their minds alert.  Elders need a stimulating program of pleasurable activities.  Older family members enjoy being surrounded by friends who care.