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Mindful Care Adult Day Services

We have in-person and virtual openings for new clients! Contact us now! Call to come by and see the program in action!

Phone & Email: 615-542-4371 


Cynthia Thomas, Managing Director
Location: First United Methodist Church   265 Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro, TN
Program Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Rooms 215 &217

We are grateful for your donation.

Every dollar helps us stimulate the minds of those suffering from dementia and give their caregivers much-needed support.

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Virtual Mindful Care 

Covid-19 was the impetus for offering activities and exercises online. It was successful enough that we decided to make the virtual program a permanent part of what we offer. For those families who are not ready to send their loved one to an in-person gathering, the virtual alternative may be perfect for you. Call 615-542-4371 and ask about it.

Music Therapy Program

Whether in the Mindful Care building or virtually participating at home, the clients are enjoying music that evokes precious memories. Our musical instruments have arrived, and our participants will have opportunities to shake, rattle and roll! Music therapy is a definite plus for our program! Call 615-542-4371 for more information.

Good news comes in bunches!

The best way to say thank you to the following people and foundations is to be good stewards of the gifts we receive. Bless you all!

Mindful Care recently received $10,000 from The Christy-Houston Foundation for the purchase of new chairs, a printer, and some musical instruments to supplement its new music-therapy activity. We believe that music awakens the mind!

Mindful Care is the grateful recipient of a PPP loan of $15,900.

Mindful Care received a private unrestricted donation of $10,000.

Mindful Care is a recipient of a Community Block Grant of $25,000.

All gifts great and small. Thank you to the Ray C. McKinley Family Foundation and to all of you who donated to our non-event party, thank you! The smallest gift takes us to newer heights and a clearer vision.

Family caregivers call Mindful Care Adult Day Services a “lifesaver.” Our mission is to provide a loving environment of fun, laughter, comfort and safety for persons age 55-plus who have mild Alzheimer’s and other compromised memory issues—while also giving exhausted family caregivers a much-needed break.
The demand for adult day services will mushroom in the coming years. Today there are more than 3,000 afflicted people in Rutherford County—110,000 in Tennessee—5.7 million nationwide. We need committed board members who will promote our mission to the community and take us to the next level.

If you know of someone who might be interested in exploring Mindful Care board membership, please have him or her email Tom Tozer, board chair, at ttozer@comcast.net,

Mindful Care is a daytime adult care program designed for persons with compromised memory and health aged 55 and older seeking fellowship, exercise, local outings, stimulating games, cooking projects, and engaging conversations while in a safe, loving and caring environment.

“We love to ‘spoil’ the wonderful folks who attend our program!  We enjoy putting a smile on each face and a memory in each heart!”

Mindful Care Adult Day Program provides:

  • Quality care in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Caring, professional staff who make person service a top priority.
  • Dignified assistance and support for persons with Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and other problems of aging.
  • Carefully planned activities to create friendships and promote self worth.
  • A daily exercise program to enhance physical wellness.
  • Increased personal daily safety with supervision in a protective environment.
  • A chance for the caregiver to rest and relax to help preserve their own well being.