We are always happy to have volunteers at Mindful Care and appreciate any time that you can offer! If you’ve provided care giving for an elderly family member or friend, you know how important it is to have caring people around! Come join us to lead an activity or offer some needed respite for our staff.

UPDATED 1/15/19

Volunteer Agreement and Description

  1. You are a volunteer.

The position of activity aide at Mindful Care is a volunteer position. This means that, if you accept the role, you perform all duties on a voluntary basis and you will not receive remuneration or payment for your work. Mindful Care does not intend to have any employment or contractual relationship. You are not an employee, independent contractor or consultant at Mindful Care.

  1. What can you expect when volunteering at Mindful Care?

Mindful Care provides a year-round, 5 day-per-week adult daytime activity program for people age 55+ who are suffering from memory loss, social isolation, and other health challenges. Family caregivers have relief from their continuous caregiving duties while our trained staff provides enjoyable activities for their loved ones at an affordable fee. The program supports elders by promoting memory and cognitive function, and sustaining physical wellness. Personal/medical care is not provided by the staff.

Our aim is to give participants fun, friendship, and a chance to have an improved quality of life by attending our program.

Please understand that the role of activity aide/volunteer at Mindful Care is very hands on. The assistance of an activity aide will differ depending on the day of volunteering as well as which participants attend on the day of volunteering. The needs of each participant is different therefore, the assistance needed will differ.  Volunteers help the Program Director and Activities Assistant to get participants involved and engaged in the fun and social activities. You work one-on-one with an individual or with the group.

  1. Is training required to volunteer?

There is no training needed for volunteering.

Mindful Care values its volunteers and we will endeavor to provide you with a written position description so you understand your role and the tasks you are authorized to perform.

 Duties Include:

  1. Must be at least (18) years of age. If younger must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Must be able to perform required tasks of caring for elders with dementia
  3. Lead/Assist with group activities
  4. Sit, stand, stoop, and walk intermittently and lift objects weighing up to 20 pounds
  5. Must have physical ability to perform lifting and bending for exercise games

Other duties include: 

  1. Must be able to speak, read, write, and understand English
  2. Must possess and maintain a good reputation for honesty, integrity, and confidentiality 
  1. Examples of Volunteers

Entertainment Volunteers

Volunteers share talents like playing musical instruments, singing, story-telling, painting, writing, and performing arts.

One on One Participant Volunteers

Volunteers work with participants with special needs who require one-on-one attention because of a disability or impairment. Volunteers take a participant for a walk in the immediate area, for conversation, or reading a book. It’s a time that the participant receives special attention.

Pet Therapy Volunteers

Volunteers bring their pets to the adult day care center so the participants can enjoy holding or playing with the dog. The volunteer encourages participants to share stories about their former pet loved ones and to reminisce about them.

Dance and Movement Volunteers

Volunteers work with small groups of participants doing simple movement exercises or seated chair dance exercises.

Yoga/Exercise Volunteers

Volunteers could work the participants doing chair yoga or laughter yoga if they are knowledgeable with this.

If you have a specific activity in mind that is not listed, please speak with the Program Director when scheduling, for the best day to perform the activity.

  1. What Mindful Care asks of its volunteers?

We ask that you:

  1. Support Mindful Care’s aims and objectives
  2. Only undertake duties you are authorized to perform and always operate under the direction and supervision of nominated staff.
  3. Understand and comply with the organization’s policies and procedures including: equal opportunity, health and safety.
  4. Notify program director of any health and safety issues or potentially hazardous situations that may pose a risk to you or others and report any accidents or incidents relating to staff, volunteers, or the workplace
  5. Use any property or equipment given to you in your role safely and only for purpose of the role and return it to the organization when you finish your volunteer role
  6. Comply with the law at all times, and be open and honest in your dealings with us and let us know if we can improve our volunteer program and the support that you receive.
  1. Criminal Background Check

For the safety of our participants, Mindful Care does not offer volunteer opportunities for any probation community service purposes.

There is no background check needed to volunteer. However, per the Department of Human Services, Adult Day Service state rules, any person who will volunteer more than thirty six (36) hours in a calendar year, will be required to conduct a fingerprinting background check through the Department of Human Services.

  1. Time Commitment for Volunteers

1. Volunteer hours will vary

2. Please contact the Program Director for dates and hours available, to initiate a volunteer opportunity

3. You will be interviewed via phone to determine the best date and time for you to serve, depending on the needs of the program and the talents of the volunteer

Keneshia Sweet, Program Director

1750 N. Thompson Lane

Murfreesboro, TN. 37127

(615) 542-4371

Mission Statement:

The mission of Mindful Care Adult Day Services is to help persons with Alzheimer’s disease, related dementia disorders, and other frailties of age live their lives with dignity and respect while providing relief to their care partners and support for their families.

Mindful Care Adult Day Services is a private, not for profit human service agency serving citizens of Rutherford County and the surrounding areas.  Mindful Care ADS is funded through participant fees, grants from individuals and foundations, and donations of money, goods and services.

It is the policy of this agency to provide services to all individuals whose needs may be met by Mindful Care Adult Day Services without regard to race, creed, age, gender, national origin, or color.

 State Licensure

Mindful Care ADS operates the center to meet the minimum national standards for elder care.  These standards relate to the facilities, staff, health and safety procedures, nutrition, staff participant ratios, and record keeping.  County and city health, fire and safety offices routinely inspect New Vision Baptist Church.  Mindful Care ADS is licensed by the state of Tennessee, Department of Human Services as of November 10, 2017.

If you have any questions or concerns about your role, your health and safety, please contact Keneshia Sweet, Program Director as soon as possible.

It is important that you only perform the tasks in this role description and that you follow the instructions of Keneshia Sweet, and Mindful Care staff. One of the key factors in ensuring you are protected is that you are performing voluntary community work that is directed or supervised by an incorporated community organization. It is therefore important that you only perform the tasks in the role description and as instructed by the organization. If you are unsure whether a particular task or work is authorized, please do not hesitate to talk to the Program Director.

Keneshia Sweet, Program Director

1750 N. Thompson Lane

Murfreesboro, TN. 37127

(615) 542-4371



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