Mindful Care Goes on a Field Trip

Eight participants from the Mindful Care Adult Day Services program had a ball at their first field trip of 2020 – a bowling ball.

Five men and three women traveled by New Vision Baptist Church bus to Lanes, Trains and Automobiles arcade Jan. 17, 2020 where they had fun for several hours bowling, cheering each other on, and enjoying a luncheon topped by birthday cake to honor their oldest member, Clemmie Lewis, who would turn 90 the next day.

Lewis, in fact, rolled the highest score, and the second-oldest participant, 84-year-old Thessalonia Coney, came in a close second.

“While it may be difficult to find trust and integrity in some of today’s geriatric programs, one will find them at Mindful Care,” commented Cindy Peaster, one of the chaperones, whose father, Jerry Walker, is in the program. “The comfort, compassion, respect, specialization, fun, laughter and memories provided by the entire staff are truly gifts.”

Mindful Care is the only state-licensed adult day services program in Rutherford County for people age 55 and older. It offers a safe social setting for those who suffer with early stage Alzheimer’s or other forms of memory loss, while giving their caregivers a much-needed break. Mindful Care is open 8 to 5 weekdays in space provided by New Vision Baptist Church. Openings in the program are available for those who meet the criteria. For information, call Cynthia Thomas at 615-542-4371.

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