Meet a Member of the Mindful Care Family-Wanda Kennedy

At Mindful Care, there’s a whole lotta lovin’ goin’ on! She loves to go there. She loves the games. She enjoys the arts and crafts. She felt a great sense of pride when she brought home a little wooden train she had painted for her oldest grandson. The day’s activities … Continue reading

Meet a Member of the Mindful Care Family-Art Longuevan

 Art Longuevan: A Lifetime of Memories and Achievements Art Longuevan, age 86, attends Mindful Care Adult Day Services in Murfreesboro one day a week. His son, Scott, says he seems “to have a lot of fun when he’s there.” When Scott picks his father up, he’ll ask what he did … Continue reading

Meet a Member of the Mindful Care Family-Annie Couch

Caregiver calls Mindful Care a ‘Lifesaver’ Twenty-five years ago, had you walked into the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Shelbyville, Tenn., you might have seen Annie Couch standing up front delivering a sermon. After four years of religious study, Annie, at age 65, became a local elder in her home … Continue reading